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Sprocket School hosted resources

Community, Discussion, & Professional Organizations

Online resources

Preservation, Conservation, and Film Handling

Small Formats: 16mm, 9.5mm, 8mm, etc.

Large Formats: 70mm, IMAX, etc.

Research Aids

Offline resources

  • Belton, John. Widescreen Cinema. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1992. [ISBN: 067495260X]
  • Blasko, Edward, Benjamin A. Luccitti, and Susan F. Morris, eds. The Book of Film Care. 2nd ed. Rochester: Eastman Kodak Company, 1992. [ISBN: 0879854790; Kodak publication number H-23]
  • Happé, Bernard, ed. Motion Picture Presentation Manual: A Comprehensive Handbook of Projection Practice. Rev. ed. London: The British Kinematograph, Sound and Television Society, 1979. [ISBN: 0856580732]
  • Kattelle, Alan. Home Movies: A History of the American Industry 1897-1979. Transition Pub, 2000. [ISBN: 0965449785]
  • Kloepfel, Don V., ed. Motion-Picture Projection and Theatre Presentation Manual. Scarsdale, NY: Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, Inc., 1969. [ISBN: 0940690012]
  • Sætervadet, Torkell. The Advanced Projection Manual: Projecting Classic Films in a Modern Projection Environment. Oslo: The Norwegian Film Institute and the International Federation of Film Archives, 2006. [ISBN: 2960029615]
  • Uren, Martin. British Kinematograph, Sound and Television Society Illustrated Dictionary of Moving Image Technology. 4th ed. Boston: Focal Press, 2001. [ISBN: 024051632X]