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Kinoton is a projector manufacturer.

Current Models

E Series

The characteristic button panel of E-series Kinoton projectors.

The original E Series models have been replaced by "Premiere" models that are identical to their original E Series equivalents except for having a slightly faster pulldown rate (8 milliseconds rather than the 11 milliseconds of the original models). The E series projectors have a digitally controlled sprocket drive.

The D and A series have a direct Maltese cross drive.

D Series

A Series

Kinoton Lens Holders

Original Kinoton/Phillips/Norelco Lens Holder Design
New Kinoton Lens Holder Designed to Hold Standard Simplex/Century Collars

Kinoton and Norelco projectors use a cumbersome lens holder. Rather than slide in or out of a collar like a Simplex or Century, the Kinoton lens holder snaps on via a spring which is engaged with a pin and your thumb and index finger (careful not to pinch yourself!). More modern Kinoton lens holders have an enlarged collar diameter which will hold standard simplex or century lens holders.

External Links

  • Kinoton website- As of 2016 their film projectors have been discontinued, and are listed under the "discontinued" section of their website. If the link is no longer functioning they may have removed it all together.