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Handle the lens as you would a newborn babe or the explosive cargo of the Wages of Fear. Only hold the lens by the collar (or by the barrel, if there is no collar) and be very careful not to touch the glass as this can leave smudgy fingerprints or even worse, a scratch.

In changeover 35mm booths, be sure to use the lens (and aperture plate) on the projector they are assigned to since the lenses are aligned and the plates cut to the specific angle each projector is skewed. Switching the lenses and the projector could make it impossible to achieve a perfect focus.

  • Multi-element lenses
  • Anamorphic lenses
  • Selecting the correct focal length - formula, etc
  • 16mm lenses
  • Manufacturers: Schneider, Isco...
  • Cleaning lenses
  • checking for cracks or scratches
  • Lens shift mechanisms
  • Zoom lenses