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Custom snipes were produced by dropping a cinema's name and location into an existing template.

A snipe is a clip that is run before a feature presentation or during an intermission. Unlike other preshow content such as trailers, newsreels, cartoons, and short subjects, which primarily serve as entertainment, snipes serve a functional purpose, such as advertising, making notifications, or structuring other content.


Snipes that structure other content

  • Snipes that begin the preshow by welcoming patrons, announce the previews, provide a countdown to the start of the show, and the announce the start of the feature presentation.
  • Snipes that provide additional information about trailers (ex., that they will appear as a double feature, or that the features being advertised will run together as a dusk-til-dawn event).
  • Intermission announcements and countdown clocks.

Policy snipes

  • No smoking, no talking, no cell phones, instructions for disposing of trash, the location of restrooms, etc. Drive-ins often ran snipes to provide information about their radios and heaters.

Date strips

  • Snipes providing the date of a specific event or the day of the week that a new feature will start.
  • Snipes that celebrate a holiday.


  • Concession advertisements
  • Self promotion, either for the theater or company, the technology technology being used, or for the movie-going experience.

Legal notices

  • Some jurisdictions required theaters to run fire safety snipes, announcing smoking regulations or identifying emergency exits.


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