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Simplex E-7

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Simplex E-7 & SH-1000.png

The Simplex E-7 is a 35mm projector in the Simplex line of projectors. It was introduced in 1938 and ceased production in the early 1950s, shortly after the introduction of the Simplex X-L in 1949. One of the key improvements over the earlier Simplex models was a one-shot oiling system that replaced the many oil points required on the older designs. The E-7 is known as a robust mechanism with excellent image stability.

There are two versions of the mechanism. The E-7 originally employed an oblique shaft that was prone to failure. This was eventually replaced with a vertical shaft.

Known Issues

The E-7 tends to leak a significant amount of oil. Some installations included a drip pan between the projector head and soundhead to collect and drain the excess oil.

Despite the one-shot oiling system, it is advisable to apply additional oil to the oblique gear.